October 2013

SCCM Clients Stuck In Provisioning Mode

I have seen sccm clients stuck in provisioning mode several times during OSD deployment. The typical symptoms of clients stuck in provisioning mode are: Client shows: client certificate none, it should be self-signed or PKI Client does not receive any policy The computer have just been installed with a task sequence. To verify if it is actually stuck in provisioning mode we need to take a look at the registry of the client.

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Add Computer to AD Group Script

I got this script from Microsoft that adds a computer as a member to a security group in Active Directory. As we want to automate everything, this script can be very useful during deployment. A typical scenario can be to enable the computer for Direct Access or wireless network. Click the title to read the full post

Java Silent Install

Java Silent Install for SCCM The Right Way

Thanks to Jesse Walter, I now have an easy way to do a Java silent install and update Java with SCCM. I tested this today at a customer and it worked very nicely. Whenever a new version of Java is released they can now quickly update their SCCM package without any hassle.