March 2017

BIOS Compliance with SCCM

Manage BIOS Settings with SCCM Compliance Settings

Today’s blog post explains how to mange BIOS settings with SCCM compliance settings. We will  create a configuration item to enable LAN / WLAN switching in BIOS on HP Elitebook G2 and G3 computers. I will also show how you can list out every BIOS setting in Powershell so you can create a BIOS configuration baseline that works for your environment.

Computers that failed a task sequence - Configuration Item

Computers that failed a Task Sequence – Configuration Item

I recently discovered some computers that had a folder named “C:\_SMSTaskSequence”. This indicates that a previous task sequence failed, as a task sequence that completes successfully will clean up after itself and not leave junk behind. So I wanted to know how many where affected, and I wanted our helpdesk technicians to investigate the computers.