ConfigMgr Client Health

ConfigMgr Client Health version 0.5.3

I have just released version 0.5.3 of my client health check script and I’m happy to announce that ConfigMgr Client Health finally supports logging to a file share. This update also includes a rewrite of the code to make it much cleaner to read and understand.

ODBC Connections in Powershell

Working with ODBC Connections in Powershell

This post explains how to work with ODBC connections in Powershell. Powershell 4 introduced new cmdlets that make it very easy to create and manage ODBC connections. We use the .NET assembly system.data.odbc.odbcconnection to use ODBC connections present on the system to query the database.

Windows 10 lock screen

How to Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures

Have you ever seen a picture on the Windows 10 lock screen that you really liked and wanted to save? That happend to me many times. The pictures in the Windows 10 lock screen changes frequently, and there are no built in function to save them.

No Picture

How to Run a PowerShell script inside a VBS script

To Run a PowerShell script inside a vbs script can be usefull for many reasons, and its a quick and dirty way to run PowerShell scripts in environments where execution policy normally stops you from running your scripts. A vbs wrapper script is what I use to launch PowerShell scripts in those scenarios.

ConfigMgr Client Health

ConfigMgr Client Health – Fix Broken SCCM Clients

Clients with a broken Configuration Manager Client is the worst. You lose management of the client, and it drags down compliance. I have even seen some broken clients report back as compliant while they are not. I’m aware about other community solutions to reinstall the client if broken, and they are all great solutions but I one of my customers had two specific issues with their clients that caused about 10% of the computers to not receive patches, and none of those solutions would fix their problem. I needed a way to consistently check the health sccm client and automatically attempt to fix known errors. ConfigMgr Client Health was born.


Automate Pre-Deploy Software to the User’s Primary Device with PowerShell

I want the OSD process to install all user applications if the primary user on the device is known. This is very simple to achive, all you need is an active deployment of the application to the user with the setting “pre-deploy software to the user’s primary device” enabled on the deployment. Only one problem, I had to enable it for 300+ deployments. Its easy with PowerShell.

PowerShell Detection Method for SCCM

There have been a lot of discussion how to write a proper PowerShell detection method and how to tell Configuration Manager if the application was detected. This post explains how a PowerShell detection method for sccm works and what it should return if the applications is detected as installed.

Powershell Execution Policy

Powershell Execution Policy Explained

Powershell execution policy is misunderstood and often looked upon as a security feature that stops you from running your scripts. But it’s not intended as a security feature, and it was not designed to make your life hard. In this post I will explain what Powershell execution policy is, how to set it, and finally how to bypass it.