Windows 10

Windows 10 lock screen

How to Save Windows 10 Lock Screen Pictures

Have you ever seen a picture on the Windows 10 lock screen that you really liked and wanted to save? That happend to me many times. The pictures in the Windows 10 lock screen changes frequently, and there are no built in function to save them.

How To Use Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 with Multiple Monitors

Virtual desktop in Windows 10 is a feature I use all the time, and I love it. It makes so much sense to use virtual desktops, especially at work where I work with several customers at the same time. It is so easy to switch between customers view and systems now. This is how I use virtual desktop and the important hotkeys.

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Windows 10 ADK 1607 now Available

Windows 10 ADK 1607 is now available for download. I will update my scripts to use ADK 1607 instead of 1511. Hopefully we don’t need any hotfixes to this version. You can download ADK 1607 from Microsoft:

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Windows 10 Technical Preview

I have just installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on my laptop that I use for work and I plan to share my experiences with it here. So far so good even tough I miss some drivers. Even tough Lenovo hasn’t released a single driver for Windows 10 yet, there are only minor issues which is nice.