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ConfigMgr Client Health 0.7.3 Released.

I’m happy to announce the release of ConfigMgr Client Health version 0.7.3. This version includes new features and critical bug fixes in the script.

Download location: Microsoft Technet Galleries
Full documentation:

Changes in version 0.7.3

  • Added option to set Log level to “ClientInstall” for file logging. Log files will only be created if SCCM agent is not detected after installation.
  • Added option to log time as UTC or ClientLocal time-format.
  • The check on the CcmSQLCE.log is now made optional (with default off) due to several reports of this check being too aggressive.
  • The path where ConfigMgr Client Health stores files locally on the computer is now configurable in config.xml (LocalFiles, default: C:\ClientHealth).
  • The script  will now remove the the LocalFiles directory on completion if local logging is disabled.
  • The script will now write a reason to the database and log file if it decides to reinstall the SCCM agent.


  • Fixed a bug where the script would not run under special circumstances on Windows 7.
  • Fixed the logic of the initial test on the SCCM agent, where the script would run tests on the SCCM agent even if the agent was missing. The script will now immediately install the agent if it’s not detected, before any other tests on the agent are done.

There are some changes to config.xml so make sure to implement those before you upgrade.

This version of the script requires database version 0.7.3. Database upgrade is required. Upgrade database by executing CreateDatabase.sql in SQL Management Studio.

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