ConfigMgr Client Health

ConfigMgr Client Health 0.7.5 Released

Today I released version 0.7.5 of ConfigMgr Client Health.This version adds two more tests, as well as an important bug fix. I recommend everyone using older versions to upgrade to this version.

Changes in version 0.7.5

  • Added test to verify the service “SMSTSMgr” is dependent on CCMExec service.
  • Added a function to refresh clients compliance state every XX days. This is configurable in config.xml
  • Added uptime as a configurable parameter on services in config.xml. Script will restart the service if running longer than uptime. Leave this non-configured to allow for unlimited runtime.
  • Script will now write a timestamp to registry when executed to tattoo last run time.
  • Added more tests before executing remove-item function to prevent the script from deleting files that should not be deleted.
  • Changed DNS test to only lookup DNS servers from active network adapters.
  • Fixed a bug in Remove-CCMOrphanedCache function that potentially could be harmful.
  • Removed support for PowerShell version 2 and 3. I will no longer test this script against these PowerShell versions
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

Big thanks to Bryan Dam who contributed on several of these changes.

Download ConfigMgr Client Health 0.7.5

Full documentation available here:


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