ConfigMgr Client Health 0.7.6 Released – Important bugfix

ConfigMgr Client Health version 0.7.6 is released, and this version includes an important bugfix.

The previous version (0.7.5) introduced a new test that added a dependency on the smstsmgr service. Unfortuenatly this change ended up breaking the upgrade task sequence, something that my tests never caught as I never tested running an upgrade task sequence before releasing a new version. My test protocol is now updated, and this is something I will start testing from now now.

The test on smstsmgr service is now changed, and it will remove the ccmexec dependency if detected, thus reversing this change. I also added a check early in the script that tests if a task sequence is running on the system. The script will not run any health checks if a task sequence is executing on the system.

Changes since version 0.7.5

  • Changed test to verify service SMSTSMgr is not dependent on CCMExec service, and only the WMI service. This is the default settings for the service.
  • Added test to verify no active task sequence is executing on computer. Script will abort and not run any health checks if a task sequence is running on the system.

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