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ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.1 – Bugfixes

ConfigMgr Client Health version 0.8.1 was released today. It fixes a few bugs reported since last version.

Download: Microsoft Technet Galleries

Documentation: ConfigMgr Client Health

Changes in version 0.8.1

  • Fixed a bug where script would not update the database if connecting directly to SQL server.
  • Fixed a bug in the Test-BITS function. Thank you Lauri Kurvinen.
  • Fixed a bug where service uptime test didn’t work properly.
  • Script will no longer restart the ConfigMgr client if changes are made to its cache size. Thanks to Gary Blok for this tip.
  • PowerShell requirement increased to version 5.1. It may work on lower versions, but I will no longer test and develop this script for unsupported versions of PowerShell.

Anders Rødland

Anders Rødland started his IT career in 2006. My main focus is MS Configuration Manager and client management, and I have passed 17 Microsoft certifications since then. My main expertise is on client management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Intune and Configuration Manager. I also do a lot of work on the security side with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. In addition to my Microsoft certification, I also have an ITIL v3 Foundation certification. This is my private blog and do not represent my employer. I use this to share information that I find useful. Sharing is caring.

6 thoughts to “ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.1 – Bugfixes”

  1. Server 2019 update:
    Sadly, the OS caption for server 2019 1903 has removed the version number. Its still there for earlier versions of server 2019. To support these, make the following changes:
    In function get-operatingsystem:
    duplicate the server 2016 line and change to 2019
    after the switch statement and before the write-output statement add the following line:
    if ($os.version -eq 10.0.18362) {$OSName = “Windows Server 1903 ” + $OSArchitecture }
    In function Get-LastInstalledPatches
    duplicate the 2016 line twice and change one to 2019 and one to 1903
    In function Test-Service
    duplicate the ‘OR’ test in the if statement with server 2016 twice and add both 2019 and 1903

    Thats it.

  2. Question on line 3121:
    if (($SQLLogging -like ‘true’) -and (($Webservice -eq $null)) -or ($Webservice -eq “”)) {

    even though I have SQLLogging set to false and we are not using the webservice (so the value is “”) it steps into this and I get an error.

    I had some success re-coding like this:
    if (($SQLLogging -like ‘true’ -and $Webservice -eq $null) -or ($SQLLogging -like ‘true’ -and $Webservice -eq “”)) {

    Were you intending to do something different? I need to skip this step because we aren’t using sql logging or the webservice.


  3. Hey Anders,

    Love this script and been using it for quite some time now. Quick question- I need to keep track of every time the script actually reinstalls or repairs the client. Was just planning on creating a new folder in the share and then having a txt file created in that folder with the computer name and date and time as the name of the file every time a repair or reinstall is ran. Would you be able to share which lines I need to add this code at?

    Thank you!!!

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