ConfigMgr Client Health 0.8.2 Released

ConfigMgr Client Health

A new version of ConfigMgr Client Health is finally released, and this version includes several improvements to the script.

I want to thank Apila22, Cody Mathis, Lauri Kurvinen and theaquamarine for contributing to this new version.

Changes in version 0.8.2

  • Fixed a bug where logging directly to SQL database would not work.
  • Fixed an issue with BITS test.
  • Fixed a bug where service uptime test didn’t work properly.
  • ClientCacheSize check no longer need to restart CM Agent when changing the cache size.
  • ClientCacheSize max limit 99999.
  • Fixes errors where configuration baselines fails because script is not signed even when bypass is set as execution policy in client settings.
  • Script will now stop services that are in a degraded state.
  • Improved code to detect last installed patched.
    Updated database to allow null for LastLoggedOnUser.
  • Check client version is now run at end of script in case client was upgraded by script.
  • Script will no longer run if it detects a task sequence already running on the computer.
  • Script will not restart services if another installation is running.
  • Hostname is now read from environmental variable and not WMI.
  • Multiple bugfixes.
  • Add Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Improved WMI test and fix.
  • Will only log to webservice if parameter is specificed.
  • Improved the error message when script fails to update SQL.
  • Logfiles are now compatible with CMTrace.

Download: Microsoft Technet Galleries

Documentation: ConfigMgr Client Health

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