ConfigMgr Community Tools Downloader

ConfigMgr Community Tools Downloader is an application that lists and downloads important tools created by the SCCM community.

The application is created in .NET and requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher to run. Community Tools Downloader pulls the download links from an online repository that is updated every 2 hours, but the actual download happens from the authors source.

Community Tools Downloader

All files are downloaded from the authors original source, while the actual download link are pulled from an online repository every time the application is started. The online repository is updated and all download locations are indexes several times a day to make sure the latest versions of the community tools are presented.

Download link:

Please let me know if you have created an awesome tool or know of a tool that deserve to be included. I would love to add it. All I need an URL to a website that always contains a download link to the latest version. My repository will index that website and retrieve the download link published for your application.

Note to all authors who worry: Technet Gallery downloads counts do increase when your applications is downloaded through ConfigMgr Community Tools Downloader.