How to manage Windows Server 2008 in Server Manager

The new server manager in Windows Server 2012 can also manage Windows Server 2008. This is how you set it up in 3 simple steps:

Windows Server 2008 with SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1

  1. Install .NET Framework 4.0 (Download from Microsoft)
  2. Install Windows Management Framework 3.0 (Download from Microsoft)
  3. Run the following command in powershell to enable and configure Windows Management Framework “winrm quickconfig

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Log files to troubleshoot ConfigMgr 2012 Client installation

These log files are useful to troubleshoot the errors with the configuration manager client.

Log files on server.

  • ccm.log – Client push installation log file.
  • chmgr.log – Client health manager log file.
  • cidm.log – Changes to the client settings by the Client Install Data Manager (CIDM).

Log files on client.

  • ccmsetup.log – Installation, client health, client upgrade and client removal. Very useful to troubleshoot client installation errors.
  • ccmrepair.log – Repeair activites by the client.
  • client.msi.log – Logs from the installation process of client.msi application.

Also check out this TechNet article for more information about log files sin System Center Configuration Manager 2012.

SCCM: How to limit distribution point packages to one drive.

When you install a distribution point, you specify which drive it should use. When this drive is full, the distribution point will automatically start using another drive.

For drives where you don’t want any packages from the distribution point, create an empty file with the name “NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS” and place it in the root of the drives.

This trick works on both SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012.