adk 1703 missing tabs sccm

ADK 1703 Missing Tabs in SCCM

ADK 1703 missing tabs in SCCM. I ran into a weird issue today after upgrading one of our customers to ADK 1703. We previously upgraded SCCM to version 1702 but choose to wait with ADK because of the driver signing issue. When we finally upgraded ADK to 1703 and created a new boot image, the tabs in SCCM to service the new 1703 boot image where missing and I could not add any drivers or optional components with the console.

Further investigation showed that SCCM still presented the tabs to manage the old boot image based on ADK 1607. This led me to believe the uninstall of ADK 1607 was not as clean as I expected it to be since SCCM still thought boot images where to be managed with the old ADK.

ADK 1703 Missing Tabs in SCCM

Performing the following steps fixed the SCCM console for me and added the missing tabs.

  1. Download all source files for ADK 1703 and store it locally
  2. Execute the following command on the downloaded files.
adksetup.exe /q /ceip off /l C:\Temp\install-adk.log /norestart /InstallPath "D:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits"  /features OptionId.DeploymentTools OptionId.WindowsPreinstallationEnvironment OptionId.UserStateMigrationTool OptionId.ImagingAndConfigurationDesigner

Change /InstallPath to where your previous ADK was installed.

Also remember the driver signing issue that is present in ADK 1703. Microsoft have released a fix for it here:

Our SCCM environments are MDT integrated, and I always create a new MDT boot image and test it thoroughly before we put it in production.  But now I saw a new error, MDT failed to create a new boot image, or to be more specific, it succeeded in creating a new image but failed to import it in SCCM. I wanted to fix the problem with ADK 1703 missing tabs in SCCM, but we could not even import a 1703 boot image. It felt like a step in the wrong direction.

The error message said the boot image failed to verify that the WIM file has a valid compression type. A quick search on Google showed that this issue also happened to some people running previous versions of ADK and SCCM, and a reboot of the server fixed the problem for them. So I scheduled the server to reboot at night, and a simple reboot did indeed fix that problem for us.

I can now successfully create new MDT boot images in SCCM based on ADK 1703 and add as many drivers and optional components that I want. All tabs to service the new 1703 boot image are visible in the SCCM console.

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