Task Sequence has failed with the error code 0x80070070

Task Sequence has failed with the error code 0x80070070 and how to solve it.  We got this error last week for a customer who is still running Windows 7, but ADK is version 1511 (Windows 10). The error code indicates there is not enough disk space on the drive, and is usually a result of weird disk partitioning or WinPE booting into a small Bitlocker partition.

Task Sequence has failed with the error code 0x80070070

Error 0x80070070 means there is not enough disk space on the drive.

Scenario 1

The task sequence is set to run with a different boot image than the one initially serviced by WDS during PXE boot. The WinPE process will automatically select a disk for it to download the correct boot image for the task sequence. Error 0x80070070 happens if the current WinPE selected a drive / partition that is too small and do not have enough diskspace to download itself to the automatically selected drive.

Scenario 2

Drive is encrypted with Bitlocker and task sequence was initiated by Configuration Manager Client inside Windows. Task sequence cannot read disk once restarted into WinPE boot image.

Scenario 3

Weird partitioning of disk cause WinPE to select wrong partition, and task sequence fails.

There are two ways to solve error 0x80070070 in task sequence. One that requires user input and one that require no user input.

Solution 1. Requires no user input.

Applies if error is caused by WinPE booting into a Bitlocker recovery partition. Add a step to task sequence that disable Bitlocker and deploy the task sequence to the computer while it is in Windows.

Solution 2. Requires user input.

Wipe the disk with diskpart while in WinPE. Then start the task sequence again.

  1. Open console by pressing F8
  2. Diskpart
  3. Select disk 0
  4. Clean disk
  5. Exit diskpart. Do not close the console.

Run X:\sms\bin\i386\TsmBootstrap.exe to start the task sequence again.



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  1. Thanks Anders! You would think this was a common enough issue with the number of Dell models Universities have in rotation, that there would be more solutions like this posted out there. It took me about 14 work hours to finally ask the googles the correct question to get to this thread. And the user interaction step resolved my exact issue. Thanks so much! JAG

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